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Ali Mir, Oracle Advertising – ready to meet challenges head on

Oracle Advertising is a direct marketing company that has risen to great heights in a very short period of time. The company, its projects and campaigns are headed by Ali Mir – a man as dynamic as the company. At present, the company as well as its head focuses on customer driven projects and the approach has been more than fruitful for the company as a whole. In fact it has been seen that Ali Mir, Oracle Advertising is bagging the direct marketing contracts of even the world’s largest charities.

With an incredibly effective customer acquisition program, the results the company has been able to gain for their clients have been astonishing. As a person who takes such a huge enterprise on his shoulders, the founder, Ali Mir does shoulder a lot of responsibilities, each of which he carries out in the most diligent manner.

Ali Mir drives his chariot (Oracle Advertising) forward on the wheels of the dedication and commitment of his employees and with a mission to be a company that will be driven by individual achievement. He works with the goal of opening 200 offices across the globe and this goal is quite different from the other similar goals that analogous companies have in mind. What makes Ali Mir, Oracle Advertising’s goal different from others is that both he and the company are not driven by selfish motives. Rather, the very motive behind the company setting this goal is that they will be able to provide opportunities for others to progress as well.

The team of ambitious individuals at the Ali Mir’s Oracle Advertising, are ever ready to meet challenges head on and forever remain focused on their clients’ needs.