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Outside Deals, key People within your Organisation?

Celica Marketing has offices in Glasgow and in Sunderland, and our goal is to have seven offices within the Celica group trading across the UK by December, 2008.

Current form indicates that we are well on course to achieve this. Managing Director and founder of the Celica group, Nicci Flynn is assisted in his plans by Business Development Manager, Alison Nimmo, with Will Smith and Karen Banks looking after operations south of the border.

Nicci always goes the extra mile to achieve his goals. He is always the first person in the office in the morning, and is always the last to leave. He is immaculately presented at all times , which sets the tone for everybody around him, and is something that helps Celica stand above everybody else. We represent, and become the ‘face’ of huge multi-national companies, so image is extremely important to us. At Celica Marketing Ltd, we instil into every new person, that in our business, we dress for the role that we want, not for the role that we have.

Nicci knows that success never comes by chance. We make our own luck, and we make that luck, by working hard and striving to be the best that we can be every day. Once people have tasted a little bit of success, it gives them the confidence to achieve a bit more the next time, hence the Celica motto ; ‘success changes people’s attitudes.’

Nicci also knows that to be successful, you need to surround yourself with other successful people. He is constantly networking with, and learning from other successful people in the business, and of course is supported within the company by people like Alison, who are just as ambitious and focused as he is.

Nicci frequently travels across the world to find out about and learn from other marketing companies. In the last two years he has visited eleven different companies in his quest for success.

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