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The Tuscan Organisation GmbH

The Tuscan Organisation GmbH
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The Tuscan Organisation is a specialist organization which re evaluates the traditional marketing strategies
and conceive innovative practices exclusively for each client. With 15 years of experience in direct marketing
behind them, this German – based company works on the principle of 'Human Commercials', a method of using field
marketing to deliver face-to-face presentations to each potential customer.
The Tuscan Organization represents a variety of businesses that either do not have a sales or marketing team or
find that it is much more economical to outsource the work. Apart from business development, increasing brand
awareness and refocusing the resources of the clients in the direct direction, The Tuscan organization also
understands the unique needs of each clients. Tuscan keeps in mind the differences of each client and works
according to their individual needs. The tailor-made marketing campaigns that we create are cost effective,
memorable and meaningful.

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